How this film connects people

We Are All Radioactive is more than just a film. It as a cause-based multimedia project that exploits the power of film to create a portal enabling multiple levels of communication around a complex and controversial topic. We use social media networks like Facebook to connect the film’s audience directly with the characters in the film – surfers, artists, activists, nuclear experts, government officials. We also connect the characters in the film with each other — ocean specialists with fishermen, radiation detectors with farmers who sell food at the market. It’s highly unusual for this level of connection to take place so quickly and effectively, but that’s exactly what this project is capable of doing because of its bilingual, cross-cultural crew and its ability to harness the powers of the Internet and film.

Neutral third party:

During our investigative reporting phase, many people — from the local organic farmer to the prime minister’s nuclear advisor — told us they really wanted a neutral third party to facilitate conversations among them so they could discuss what’s best for Japan’s future. We want to be that neutral third party.

Web presence:

Our easy-to-navigate bilingual web interface makes We Are All Radioactive accessible to everyone. We’re combining the power of film with the ubiquity of the Internet to give the people of Motoyoshi a voice devoid of
the fear mongering of the mainstream media.

Join the movement

In the coming months, we’ll be facilitating conversations online and in the real world among YOU (the audience) and the subjects of this film. We’ll also be hosting screenings, parties, discussion groups, etc. Don’t miss the exciting and exclusive announcements to take part in these amazing opportunities! Make sure you’re subscribed to receive our updates by…

Our Amazing IndieGoGo Contributors – THANK YOU

Post-production of the first four episodes was entirely crowdfunded in March and April of 2012, which meant that new episodes were only unlocked when the filmmakers raised enough money to pay for it. We’d like to thank all of our amazing contributors. Thank you for playing such an important part in making We Are All Radioactive a reality!

Ajua McNeil Alan Lamberg Alyssa Kauanoe Andrew Byrnes Andrew Huang
Andrew Ogawa Annie Bernstein Anthony Koo Asako Shibata Aviva Wishnow
Ayesha Wagle Ben Yamada Betsy Burroughs Chad Thompson Charles Spreckley
Corinne Brown Craig Matheny Daisuke Kan Daisuke Komatsu Dan Shine
Dave Wingler David Hornik Eri Kikunaga Eric Wu Fumiko Ikeda
Harry van der Velde Hidei Shirai Hiroaki Katayama Hiroki Eda Hiroyuki Yamada
Hitoshi Hokamura Ian McFarland Ichiro Kiyota Ikuo Hiraishi Isaac Bess
Jason Wong Jenny Fung Joi Ito Joseph Reeve Judd Goff
Kaori Suzuki Kaoru Hayashi Kathleen O’Brien Kay Naito Ken Akimoto
Kenichi Aki Kiley Bates-Brennan Kim Chansoo Koji Hamada Lara Cohen
Laura Anne Welch Lila LaHood Lisa Green Mai Shoji Marie-Christine Balabanian
Mary Katayama Masaki Onodera Michihiro Matsuda Miki Matsumoto Motoki Tomatsu
Mutsuko Yamada Naomi Funahashi Patti Proschold Paul Saxman Pendleton Ward
Razvan Popescu Rebecca Dominguez Reiko Waisglass Rob Siegel Robert Burke
Rodney and Claudia Wishnow Ryan Poltermann Ryuichi Mori Scott Kraft Sean Bonner
Shohachi Katayama Soichiro Minami Soren Jones George Yoshinaga Stephen Gomersall
Steve Varon Sundeep Ahuja Tara Roberts Teruko Kuroda Timothy Shey
Tomo Saito Tomoko Hosaka Tsuneo Inatsuki Victor Loh Yoko Hino
Yuka Omura Yuriko Romer Yushi Katayama Zubin Irani