Share the Experience

Meet the characters in the film.

  • Autumn Ness

    An American woman who works as a herbalist
    in Sendai. When the tsunami hit Motoyoshi, her favorite
    surf spot, she drove out to the coast and enrolled
    local surfers and fishermen in
    reconstruction projects.

  • Konno

    A reggae-loving local surfer who has been living in a
    container-style shack since his house was swept away
    by the tsunami. He thinks the tsunami is a message from
    nature that mankind has taken things too far.

  • Kasahara

    A humanitarian worker determined to uncover
    the truth about radiation, even if it means putting his own
    safety at risk. His wife is pregnant with their second child.

  • Chim↑Pom

    An eccentric collective of multimedia artists from Tokyo
    that took on several risky art projects in the months
    immediately following the radiation disaster, including a
    trip to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

  • Kikuchi

    A veteran blue fin tuna fisherman who was tapped by his
    community to become the manager of the emergency
    operations center. He thinks young people need to be
    tougher in the face of adversity.

  • Rob

    A bartender who left his job and a sour relationship behind
    in Tokyo to find a new lease on life deep in the rubble
    of Motoyoshi.

  • Higashi

    A father of five children who uses recycled materials to
    create beautiful functional things, like the benches and roof
    of the beer garden featured in Episode 3.

  • Wakao Hanaoka

    An ocean activist from Greenpeace who blames the
    government’s inconsistent monitoring activities for the
    decline in the fishery industry. He has a child who loves to
    eat fish.

  • Robert Peter Gale, M.D., Ph.D.

    A former Chernobyl expert who believes that the people in
    Motoyoshi have nothing to worry about radiation-wise.

  • Hideo Tatsuzaki, M.D., Ph.D.

    A government official who humbly balances his role as man
    in charge of nuclear energy policy for the prime minister’s
    office with his conscience as a Japanese citizen.
    In Episode 5, he admits that the government needs help
    monitoring radiation.

  • Pieter Franken

    A hacker-turned-activist who co-founded a non-profit called
    Safecast. Pieter and his team drove all over Japan to map
    radiation measurements from the Fukushima exclusion
    zone and beyond.

  • Ishimori

    An organic farmer who found cesium-laced dirt on his land.
    Determined to play his role in informing the public about
    radiation in food, he started a blog and bought
    a $50,000 machine.